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hybrid_vigor's Journal

hybrids and other fuel-efficient cars
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If you own a hybrid vehicle -- any make or model -- this is the community for you. Feel free to post questions, brag about your fantastic fuel economy, etc.

If you're considering obtaining a hybrid vehicle, you're welcome here too. Got questions? Ask away! You've probably looked at the EPA estimates for hybrid fuel economy; here you can ask actual hybrid-car owners what they've really been getting when they drive. Ask about other things too. Is it okay to tow a trailer? How fast can you make your hybrid car go? And what about that huge tax rebate?

If you drive -- or are curious about -- other varieties of fuel-efficient cars, you're welcome here too. The community name is hybrid_vigor, but flex-fuel cars, hydrogen cars, biodiesel cars and just plain fuel-efficient gasoline cars are good topics for conversation as well. As are mass transit, ride-sharing, walking, bicycling, etc. It's all about the clean transportation.